Alkaume 7.35

AlkaUme 7.35 is made of whole umeboshi and consists of a specially blended Umetacid. The whole umeboshi (salted Japanese green plum) can stimulate peristalsis and balance the body’s acidity / alkalinity. The Umetacid, on the other hand, comprise a stomach herbs (including Angelica Keiskei, pu’er tea, green tea, liquorice) and a mixture of 3 types of probiotics that can promote intestinal health, facilitate smooth bowel motion and reduce acidity. Eaten every day, the product can help enhance the alkalinity and softness of body wastes and ease bowel motion.

Simulate Peristalsis, Balance Acidity / Alkalinity

(salted Japanese plum)

Function: Umeboshi is a natural food used by Japanese samurais to promote intestinal health. The plum is rich in citrus acid, which can effectively decompose excessive acidic substances in the body. 10g of umeboshi can neutralise the acidity brought about by eating 100g of sugary food. The strongly alkaline umeboshi can condition the pH balance of the body, keeping it at the optimal level of 7.35. The peel of the umeboshi is rich in picric acid, catechin and pectic acid; it offers a natural remedy to stimulate peristalsis and helps cleanse faecal accumulation off the body.


Angelica Keiskei, pu’er tea, green tea, liquorice

Function: The herbal intestine-strengthening formula that comprise extracts of Angelica Keiskei, pu’er tea, green tea and liquorice can promote digestive functioning and provides the body with lots of fibres to ease bowel motion.


3 types of probiotics to promote intestinal health

Function: Balance the flora and the immune system in the intestines to help promote peristalsis.

How to use

Time to use: Eat one after lunch or dinner.

Dosage: No more than two per day.

Note: Drink a lot of water after use to enhance the detox effect. Do not replace a meal with umeboshi.

Place of origin: Taiwan